Documents / Fees

Raleigh County has records of every deed recorded since the formation of our County in 1850.

We are also responsible for keeping the records of all Trust Deeds, Liens and other documents regarding the transfer of property.

These documents are considered Public Information. If you wish to obtain a copy of any recorded document you may appear in person and request the document. If you need to request a copy by mail, we suggest you call our office to obtain the recording information and cost of the copies.  The cost for Document copies is $1.50 first 2 pages, $1.00 each additional page. Also, if you need the document to be a certified copy there is an additional fee of $1.00.

Our document records are available for public search in the Record room of the County Clerk’s Office.

The Clerk’s Office also records liens filed against property. Those records are made available to the public and may be obtained by a visit to our office or by written request. Please be advised the Clerk nor any of the Deputy Clerks can tell you if your property is clear of all liens.  We are not licensed nor bonded to do a title search on property. We will assist you in looking up records however, a declaration that property is free of liens or indebtedness requires an attorney or title search agency.

Recording Document Fees (see attached schedule)